Strawbfest  isn’t just strawberries, we have toys to win, food to eat, flashy swords to wave, op-shops to plunder and more. have a good look at the stalls below.

Side Show Alley

In side show alley there are heaps of games with plenty of great prizes. Can you get the token on the chocolate bar you want? Maybe you will be the first ti get the hoop over the peg.


Pre-Loved Stall

The thing I love about the pre-loved stall is that you will get the best quality for the best price, much better than the usual op-shop. The families of chevalum have been putting these items aside through out the year to help their school.



Plants Stall

Parents and students work together to grow plants from seedlings and cutting each year for our annual plant store. We also get lovely donations from several local nurseries.



 Flower Stall

We have beautiful flowers for you to take home and brighten your home.


Strawberry Stall

Fresh Strawberries picked and packed from the Twists Farm.

punnets 2


Jam Stall

Delicious jam and Strawberry syrup made by the parents and tuck shop staff.Strawberry jam


Bottle Stall

A jar packed with toys and treats.


Glow in the Dark Body Paint Stall

We will be painting faces, arms and legs.

Strawbfest stalls