At Strawbfest we have rides for big kids, little kids and “Don’t you dare call me a kid” kids.

Para Trooper


The Paratrooper is a great thrill ride which will impress those thrill seekers amongst us.  A height restriction of 130cm does apply.  Seats 24 passengers and has colourful lights to really add to the atmosphere at evening events.

Super Slide

slide 1

80 foot of fun in 3 separate lanes…this by far is one of our most popular ride from children to grandparents….there’s always a line up. Built with a fibreglass construction it stays cool all day long.  The slide comes with two operators, one at the bottom of the stairs and one at the top to ensure safety.

Mega Swings

mega swing 2

For those bigger events this is the ride to have.  The Mega chairs is a 30 seater swing ride which caters for 3 year olds to adults.  It is especially loved by the older children and will have a line up at all day.  Requires a space of 20m diameter.

Mad Hatters Cup and Saucer Ride

cup and saucer 2

The Mad Hatters “Cup and Saucer Ride” is a great addition at any event. This brightly painted platform ride has 6 spinning cups that seats up to 24 adults and children. It is a versatile ride that not only toddlers and pre-schoolers can enjoy with Mum or Dad…but teenagers love as well. It is visually stunning especially at night events when the Tea Pot lights up….only an 8m diameter required.

Laser Tag

laser tag

This is a great outdoor activity to keep the kids fit as well as have a fantastic time.  Normally set up in a 40mto 60m x 40m area with inflatable barriers to hide behind, the players use computerised phasers to track down the opposition.  This game can be hired with 20 or 30 computerised phasers.  Suitable for ages 6 to 7 years to adults.

Party Castle

party castle

Bright, colourful and ready for your special event. This castle is 5.5m x 6.5m and suitable for children age 2 to adults. This castle has been structurally made for our Adult market…..those big kids who just won’t grow up.

Disco Dance


Brightly painted with led lights for night time this is a great option for any event. 18 seater bench ride that spins anti clockwise….130cm minimum height restriction